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The residence is a study in the design and execution of what is possible in a very high energy efficient, "green", residence. The self-sustaining technologies are maintenance free as they are designed to be more "passive" than "active". The house was designed to be energy efficient from the start, it was not added later. Touches such as instantaneous (tankless) gas water heaters and predominantly south-facing windows as well as carefully placed landscaping complete the trouble-free cost savings design. A large masonry mass under the fireplace and an aggregate thermal sink under the solarium provide for radiant heat to be redistributed into the living spaces in the evenings. The main fireplace is 99% efficient. The state-of-the-art forced air gas furnaces are 97% efficient and extremely comfortable, unlike conventional heat pumps. As a result of the solar heat gain you will find that even on the coldest sunny days, the two furnaces (250,000 BTU each) will rarely be used. Sunlight is filtered in the warmer months by shade landscaping from mature deciduous trees and beautiful large wisteria vines, a spectacular sight in bloom over the southern loggia above.

sunny south windows in winter Designed for Efficiency
Abundant south facing windows, 2x6 exterior wall framing, super insulation, and judicious use of windows and doors facing North combine to provide a comfortable and efficient house for all seasons. Gas appliances are also used throughout the home. The kitchen range top, built-in ovens, clothes dryer and the fireplaces provide instantaneous control of energy and supplemental heat. Gas lines were also run to other zones for easy expansion of the system and installation of additional appliances or for heating a lap pool. The adaptable energy design also includes adding solar collectors to balance future energy needs.
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solarium Solarium
The Solarium is currently used for creating bonsai trees and cultivating orchids. With a clear view to the south, it is a warm and sunny spot for morning coffee just off the kitchen. The uses of this space are myriad and limited only by your imagination. It is ideal for early germination and nurturing seedlings for spring planting. In Winter the heat gained from this feature adds considerably to the other energy saving characteristics of the home.
clerestory light and ventilation Saving Energy
High ceilings, carefully placed landscaping, clerestory windows in some rooms, operable skylights and well conceived air-flow design all add to the ease of maintaining consistent energy savings amid a comfortable environment. The main roof of the house has perfect alignment for photovoltaic panels, if desired.
thermal efficiency Geothermal
Energy is saved by fewer and smaller windows on the North side of the house. New state-of-the-art geothermal heat pumps are being installed. This system will use groundwater temperatures to augment existing heating and cooling and is the most fuel efficient heating and cooling alternative known. This will further reduce the already dramatically low energy consumption of a residence of this scale.
Carrier HVAC Other Utilities
Other utility specifics include dual high-efficiency A/C units and two, two-hundred amp electrical service panels to provide enough power for any purpose. Additionally, all wiring, breakers, transfer switches and gas lines are in place for an emergency generator or hydrogen fuel cell power supply.
pure water resource Pure Water
An unusually deep, five hundred forty foot (165 m.), well provides water of excellent quality, taste and outstanding clarity. The remarkable water quality is the result of being naturally filtered as it descends within the mountains. Only drinking a glass of this water can adequately demonstrate its exceptional purity and refreshing flavor.