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Located one mile from Stone Mountain, the largest state park in North Carolina, and only 20 minutes from the world famous Blue Ridge Parkway Scenic Drive (National Park Service) and close to six golf courses, three ski resorts, river kayaking and hiking you will always have a menu of activities at hand. However, sometimes the best recreation is to simply sit, observe and enjoy your domain. For example, on some summer evenings, at twilight, the fireflies rise like a magic carpet from the 15 acre (6 h.) open meadow in front of the house, making you feel as if you have been transported into a lush production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

private lake Lake and Fishing
The lake, approximately 2 acres (.8 h.) is a great recreation resource. In the Summer, fishing, boating, swimming, picnicking and in the Winter, occasionally, ice skating are all possible. It is stocked with bass and perch varieties. Turtles and birds are plentiful around the water’s edge. There is nothing for relaxation like floating on your boat listening to the sounds of Nature.
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fresh flowing stream Fresh Flowing Streams
Fresh water flows through the property endlessly, bringing with it abundant wildlife and vegetation along the banks of the two streams. There are small mountain trout and other species in these streams. This is an excellent indicator of the water quality. These streams are great fun for both adults and children. A long walk or a picnic beside one of them produces a wonderful calming effect. Or just sit and read a book for hours.
hiking nearby mountain trails Hiking and Camping
The property is ideally suited for short or long walks or actual hikes. These can be as easy or strenuous as you like, as the terrain is quite varied. Horseback riding on your estate is also a natural pastime as is bicycling. Additionally there is an area, very close to the house, that would be perfect for a tennis or croquet court. If you want to explore the wilderness beyond your own lands, there are endless trails in mountains and parks nearby for your enjoyment.
turkey Wildlife
Though elusive, mink, otter, beaver, golden eagles, quail and grouse have been observed on the property at various times of the year. Hummingbirds are frequent during the summer and the property lies directly in the migration path of the Monarch butterfly, affording over a month every year of spectacular viewing as they make their way to Central America and Mexico – through your front yard! Healthy populations of deer, rabbit, squirrels, and wild turkeys and, bluebirds are also resident.
Stone Mountain in the distance Stone Mountain Park
The largest of all North Carolina’s state parks is 5 minutes away. It is nestled along the Blue Ridge Parkway on 13,700 acres (5,546 h.)and it adjoins 7,000 acres (2,834 h.) of unspoiled Public Game Lands and the 7,000 acre U.S. Park Service, Doughton Park. Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Golfing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Skiing, Horseback Riding & Scenic Drives are just a few of the activities that can be found in and around Stone Mountain.
ski resorts nearby Ski Resorts
There are 4 large ski resort areas in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains of North Carolina
. and the average drive is about an hour from the property to them. The ski resorts in West Virginia are about three hours to the North as are several in Virginia.
Blue Ridge Parkway Blue Ridge Parkway
The Blue Ridge Parkway is the only area in the US that is maintained by The National Park Service as a ‘Scenic Highway’. The road goes from Virginia to Tennessee with the largest portion being in North Carolina. Driving along the tops of the high ridges of the Appalachian Mountains provides spectacular views with infinite places to stop and enjoy the environment of high mountain areas that would ordinarily be extremely difficult or impossible, to reach. Hotels and restaurants are just off the Parkway. The Autumn colors are breathtaking. The Parkway took 50 years to complete and, for the most part, is an unknown natural treasure of America – and it is 15 minutes from your driveway.
golf courses nearby Golf
You are twenty five minutes or less to six 18 hole golf courses. There is also the option of building your own 9 hole course as there is ample room in a number of locations on the property.
downtown Asheville link Arts and Culture
Asheville has been a thriving center for art and crafts since the building of America's greatest home the Biltmore. Sidewalk cafes ring the central plaza opposite the museum, and galleries and interesting shops line the streets of this "Paris of the South". Universities in Asheville, Winston-Salem and Boone host musicians and art exhibitions of national and international reputation. Black Mountain College near Asheville was the hothouse of American contemporary art of the last half of the 20th century and its influence is still felt today. Brunch on the plaza in Asheville followed by a stroll through the galleries makes a pleasant afternoon even nicer.